Mickey through the ages

MOAM x Mickey 90 years of Mickey mouse. Three 12 frame animated zoetropes mounted on Bicycle wheels, propelled by cooling fans 1 x 1 x 1.5 meters. 


Mickey Through the Ages, is a project I created for MOAM x Mickey an exhibition celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse. For this show several artists and my self were invited to create work based on the theme of Mickey Mouse. 

As Mickey Mouse dates from the early days of cinema and especially animation, I wanted to make a work that drew inspiration from my interest of pre-cinematic devices. I decided to make a work based on a project I created some years ago; An Attempt to Capture Pure Emotion in One Second, which I made for one of the first exhibitions I took part in. Like the original work, Mickey Through the Ages, consist of three zoetropes. These Zoetropes each contain twelve images, showing Mickey Mouse falling through space. The images inside each are the same, however, the first is drawn in pencil representing an early sketch, the second in black and white, representing the early days of cinema, and the third in colour representing Mickey in his present form. In this way the work displays Mickey at different stages of his existence. 

Mickey Through the Ages was on show, was on show at Hotel Krasnapolsky and the Beurs van Berlage between the 1st and 4th of November 2018.